Video Analytics

Cutting edge human detection, behaviour recognition and situational awareness.

Oil & Gas

Sensor networks, data mining and simulation technology for modern petrochemical industry.

Defense & Security

Adaptive fusion algorithms combining radar, IR and acoustic sensors for aerospace.

  • Big Sensor Data
    and Artificial Intelligence


About Us

COMPLEX SYSTEM INC. (CSI) is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable and distinct solutions for our clients. We seek to provide to our clients with the software, sub-systems and onboard equipment they require, and other high value-added services, both in civil and National Defense markets.

Founded in 2005 around a strong team with vast experience in demonstration of decision support capability in complex applications, CSI has been driven by a mission to deliver quality services to other businesses in Research and Development, Consulting, Software Development and System Integration.

Why Choose Complex System ?

Complex System Inc. offers a range of Video Analytic software solutions that ensures our customers get the latest technologies with complete peace of mind. Our Video Analytic solutions are highly robust and consist of several novel features and algorithms that are second to none in the field of Computer Vision.

Context enabled scene analysis and learning(e.g. room layout, day and night detection) providing domain independent monitoring services.
Customizable abnormal event detection. Easily configurable to support different events and behaviours.
Leverages the massive and scalable computation power of the cloud to deliver lower local costs. A dynamic VM resource allocation middleware framework, jointly optimized with the video analytic software, provides the following advantages over other VSaaS products
Provides a smart home solution by integrating home devices with the video analytics software. The smart home devices with the collaboration of our analytic software’s enhanced intelligence can prevent potential threats.


Solutions we offer

Computer Vision and Sensor Applications

Video Analytics. Object Detection.

Using video from IP cameras or UAVs Complex System Inc. Computer Vision Algorithms can detect, observe and comprehend indoor and outdoor environments with great accuracy. Track pedestrians and vehicles, monitor their activities and make intelligent decisions about their intentions. Calculate risks, prevent injury and model behaviour patterns with flexible Video Analytic solutions. We are also giving cloud solution for our video analysis. You can download our video streaming application and monitoring application. Following the user manual you can easily set up a connection to our server.

Oil & Gas. Real Time Drilling Support.

Real-time drilling data enables an improved understanding of events occurring at the rig site and makes it possible to improve real-time collaboration and decision support for drilling engineers. CSI has developed a software tool that is able to identify and predict combined geological and drilling events ahead of bit from real-time drilling information, so that user’s drilling system can more precisely steer the wellbore while rotating the drillstring to increase ROP (rate of penetration) and reduce drilling cost.

Defense & Security. Adaptive Fusion Algorithms.

CSI has developed new concepts and approaches in the areas of Adaptive Data Fusion and Sensor Resource Management. By utilizing short and long range radar, infrared and acoustic sensors made for defense aerospace initiatives, our system can generalize incoming data for a Decision Support System. CSI has also developed a simulation environment to efficiently test these methods and identify relevant operational rules.

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