Video Analytics

Computer Vision and Sensor Applications

Human Behaviour. Injury Detection.

Using cutting edge algorithms, Complex System Inc. has developed software to observe human behaviour, with the primary goal of injury detection. Using a variety of methods we can track people as the move and interact with their environment, using our advanced logic to model their behaviour. In the event of a stumble or a fall, in which a person cannot get back up on their feet, our automated system can dispatch alerts to request assistance.

Security. Human Recognition.

Complex System Inc. has developed a way to identify a persons unique features. By using a series of cutting edge machine learning metrics, a registered human can be recognized as a known human, whereas a stranger, will be identified as an unknown human. This specific human recognition can be combined with local security and other features to defend and monitor a place of business or residence.

Traffic. Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection

Using the same techniques used in our behaviour recognition applications, Complex System Inc can monitor outdoor pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Outdoor cameras positioned over roadways and parking lots can identify pedestrians as well as vehicles coming and going, for use in traffic metrics and parking solutions.